Flow Theme Installation

The Flow theme does some funky stuff with the product page, causing a lot of weird things in third party apps (including Wait.li) to happen.

To counter this, we need to insert some of the styling and javascript outside of the product form section.

We can do this by doing the following:

  1. Remove any Wait.li app blocks (if 2.0 theme) on product template
  2. Go into Theme Code Editor and create 3 files:
    - wait_li_config.liquid
    - wait_li_button.liquid
    - wait_li_styles.liquid
  3. View code needed for each file here: https://gitlab.com/patrickbollenbach/snx-waitinglist/-/snippets/2197125
    Paste into each file accordingly.
  4. Then use the Online Store 2.0 Installation guide as normal (without app blocks) located here: https://help.bolle.digital/article/93-wait-li-installation-online-store-2-0-update
  5. Test extensively and ensure activation works and other product pages are not affected by your code changes.

Let me know if you have any issues!

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