Collection Page / Quick View Installation

Some themes come with quick view / quick buy buttons on the collection / homepage. doesn't natively support this function (as we can't fully block purchases from these sections). 

As an alternative, we can use the code below to replace the quick view button for waiting list buttons, simply turning it into a redirect to the product page where the customer can join the waiting list as normal.

Note: Please only attempt this modification if you are familiar with Shopify theme coding / Liquid.  Ask us if you need a hand and we're happy to help!

Find your quick-view / add to cart button on your collection page template (or likely in a file called product-card.liquid or similar), and paste the following code around where the button is located:

{% comment %} Collection Page {% endcomment %}
{% capture 'wait_li_capture' %}{% render 'wait_li_config', product: product %}{% endcapture %}{%- assign wait_li_capture_results = wait_li_capture | split: '|' -%}{%- assign wait_li_active = wait_li_capture_results[0] | strip -%}
{% unless wait_li_active == 'true' %}
   // YOUR QUICK VIEW / ADD TO CART BUTTON CODE WILL BE HERE. This code hides the add to cart button / whatever is in this block, if the waiting list is active for this product. 
{% endunless %}
{% comment %} END Collection Page {% endcomment %}

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