How does work? is a unique app in the Shopify ecosystem. There is currently no other app that provides the same features that includes, so we figured it required a good explanation document to explain how exactly the app functions, and how that can help you as a Shopify store owner. Requirements

  • At least 1 non-hidden product on your store
  • Shopify customer accounts ENABLED (optional works as well)

If your Shopify store has customer accounts disabled, will NOT work and your customers will be confused.
Please ensure your store's settings allow customer accounts before proceeding.

You can find a guide on how to enable customer accounts here. Flow

1. A customer visits your product page with an activated waiting list.

The customer is shown one of two options:

  • If the customer is already logged in, they are only shown a "Join Waiting List" button in place of the standard Add To Cart form.
  • If the customer is NOT logged in, clicking the "join Waiting List" button will popup a modal, prompting them to register for a store account and join the waiting list

2. Customer clicks the “Join Waiting List” button.

Once processes the customer information, we display a customizable “success” message to the customer, confirming their joining of the waiting list. sends off two emails at this step:

  • An email is sent to you, the store owner, saying “A new customer has joined your waiting list for product X” .
  • A customizable email is sent to the customer, saying “You have now joined the waiting list”, confirming their entry.

At this point, the customer is NOT ABLE TO PURCHASE THE PRODUCT until they are activated from within

3. The customer is added to the specified waiting list.

The customer is now displayed in the waiting list of customers for your specified product within the app.

4. You are now able to ‘activate’, or ‘remove’ this customer within

“Activating” a customer allows them to purchase the product as normal. It restores the default Add To Cart form on your Shopify store and the checkout process proceeds as normal for the customer. sends off one email at this step:

  • The customer is sent a customizable email, saying “You are now activated from the waiting list”.

“Removing” a customer deletes them from the waiting list in The customer will now have to return to the product page and click the “Join Waiting List” button again to start the process.

We do not send an email to the customer when you remove them from a waiting list.

5. Success!

That’s all! Once you go through the process once, we are sure it will make complete sense to you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email our support team at

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