What happens when I hit my plan limit?

Wait.li offers two pricing plans that you can choose from while installing the app on your Shopify store. These plans are structured to grow with your business; meaning if you are a small-scale startup, you don't have a need for a higher price plan (with some exceptions).

Let's take the Wait.li Starter Plan for example:

- The Starter plan allows up to 500 customers to join any given waiting list on your store

What happens when I hit the plan limit? 

First off, congratulations if you hit your plan's limit! That is a ton of excited customers eager to buy your product!

The important thing to highlight is that customers will still be able to join your product's waiting list.
The limit does not disable the waiting list; nor change anything from your customer's perspective. 

So what does the limit do?

The limit will simply remove the ability for you (the store owner) to view, activate, or remove the customers over your limit. You will be able to see the # of customers on your list still; but you won't be able to interact with these "over the limit" customers in any way. 

Example Scenario: 

John's Art Shop is getting ready to release a product on Shopify and is using Wait.li to build a waiting list of customers before launching to the public. John's Art Shop is on the Starter Plan, meaning they have a limit of 500 customers per waiting list. 

Today, the 501st customer joined a waiting list for a fancy new painting that John painted. 

John immediately receives an email from Wait.li, informing him that he has now reached the plan limit.

He's not in the position to upgrade his plan right now, as he is away on a camping trip with his friends. 

Any new customers looking to join the waiting list from this point on can do so as normal. The customers don't see any notification or otherwise different interaction with the waiting list process - they can join it no matter what!

Starting from customer #500 and up; John will not be able to view the customer details, export their details to a CSV, or activate/remove them from a waiting list. He can still see that there are currently 546 customers on his list, but until he upgrades to a higher plan, he will not be able to interact with these customers. He can still interact and view the details of all his customers under the #500 count though.

That's all! Let me know if you have any questions by emailing help@wait.li :)

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