How to remove the branding from emails

When sends emails to your customers through the various waiting list stages (joining and activation), by default we include a tiny "Powered by" link at the bottom of the email which directs customers (in a new tab) to the website.

This tiny link is a massive help for the app to continue to grow, so we really appreciate the increased exposure that this minor detail adds!

Though the link is small, we totally understand that some businesses require complete branding on these emails; meaning this "Powered by" link may not be ideal.

Due to the number of requests for this feature, we've added in a super simple email toggle in your email settings to enable/disable the branding in these emails.

NOTE - This branding toggle is only available for stores on the Professional or Enterprise plans.

To disable the branding, simply open up the Settings page, click on the "Email Settings" tab; and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a toggle like the below screenshot:

Check the checkbox and make sure to click "Save".

Once saved, branding in emails sent to your customers will be completely disabled!

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