Manual Snippet Uninstallation automatically creates and installs a few different code snippets on your active Shopify theme. Once you use the 'disable' button highlighted on your app's settings page, will no longer place a "Join Waiting List" button on any of your products, essentially meaning that is now disabled on your store.

If you would like to completely remove any related app code, please follow the below instructions on how to do so.

Let's get started!

1. Open your Shopify theme code editor.

While logged into your Shopify admin, click "Online Store" and you will be shown the "Themes" screen below. Click "Actions" on your active theme and then select the "Edit Code" option to open the code editor of your Shopify theme.

2. Find your product template file.

Within the code editor, scroll down on the left sidebar until you see the folder named "Sections".

Click the Sections folder and you will see a group of files display beneath the folder name.

Depending on your store's theme you will need to find a specific file that may be unique to your theme.

Generally the file you are looking for will be named product-template.liquid.

Open this file by clicking the file name.

3. Remove the code

Once the product-template.liquid file is open, you will see your screen fill with code. This is the core structure of your product page, so please be careful when modifying this code.

At the top of the page code, you should see the following lines of code:

<code>{% comment %} Config Snippet - DO NOT REMOVE UNLESS UNINSTALLING WAIT.LI {% endcomment %}
    {% include 'wait_li_config' %}
{% comment %} Finish Config Snippet {% endcomment %}

Remove this code by highlighting it and clicking the DELETE or BACKSPACE button on your keyboard.

Once this code is done, scroll down through the file and search for the following code:

<code>{% comment %} Start Of Button Config - DO NOT REMOVE UNLESS UNINSTALLING WAIT.LI {% endcomment %}
{% if wait_li_active == true and show_waiting_snippet == true %}
    {% include 'wait_li_button' %}
{% endif %}
<div class="wait_li_atc_status_{{atc_status}}">

Once again, remove this code (make sure you don't remove any of the form code).

After this code is removed, you need to remove one last chunk of code. Scroll down and look for the following lines of code:

{% comment %} End Of Button Config - DO NOT REMOVE UNLESS UNINSTALLING WAIT.LI {% endcomment %}

Remove the above code (make sure to remove the ending tag).

Once complete, make sure you click "Save" in the top right corner of the page.

4. Remove the config snippet

Now that you've removed the code on your product page, you likely want to remove the relevant snippets from your store. They won't be loaded, thus not affecting page speed or anything - but you may want to remove them nevertheless.

Under the Snippets folder in the Shopify code editor, scroll to the very bottom to find the snippet:

  • wait_li_config.liquid
  • wait_li_button.liquid

Open this file by clicking the file name.

Once the file opens up, in the top right corner you will see a "Delete" button.

Click this to remove the config snippet from your store.

Once complete the steps above, all relevant snippets and code will have been removed from your store. We hope your experience was fantastic, and please let us know if there is anything we could have done better.

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