Upgrading to Wait.li 3.0

Finally, Wait.li 3.0 is here! This newest update to the app comes with a plethora of new features, and I will be writing an extensive blog post about the new release soon, but the short form of it is:

  • Much improved app design. Easier to navigate, quicker to load, all in all - much better!
  • Default removal of first / last name fields (saves time for your customers)
  • Default removal of 'waiting list confirmation' email sent to customers when joining list. This email is usually ignored and just increases chance for customer to send emails to spam folder
  • Default removal of 'customer is on waiting list' email sent to store owners. This will still be sent for existing stores, but this has been replaced with a daily digest email that gives you a full waiting list update of all of your lists and the number of new customers that have joined in the past 24 hours. Less emails = less annoyances = more time spent on your store and make sales!
  • Faster bulk activation process
  • Change logo width in App Settings page
  • Add "list limits" to each waiting list. Add a limit of, for example, 1000 customers. Enabling this will allow you to show a countdown ("Only 400 spots left on the waiting list!") and lock out customers when the limit is reached. 
  • App now works in Safari browser, loads much faster in general.
  • Tons of other small tweaks!

Now, this all sounds lovely - but you must be wondering how you can take advantage of these new features!

The new Wait.li upgrade introduces new code for the waiting list popup / configuration files, so we will need to update those files accordingly on your Shopify theme. So, let's get started to see how you can update your waiting list code on your Shopify theme!

Update Wait.li Code from App Settings Page

To get started, open up Wait.li ( Product Waiting Lists) and navigate to the new App Settings page. 

There, you will see the below page where you can change all the settings of Wait.li. The part we want to focus on is the Update Wait.li Snippets button at the top right corner.

Click this button, and Wait.li will work on updating the waiting list code on your store's current theme. 

Note - this will remove any pre-existing customizations you may have made to the wait_li_config.liquid file. Please be aware if you have changed any Wait.li code, it likely will need to be re-done after this process.

Once the update is complete, you will see a confirmation message, and you are good to go!

Check out one of your waiting lists, and give it a test run to ensure everything is working as intended!

Replace Wait.li Code on Product Template Page

Next, you are going to have to replace some code on your product template page.

1. Remove code referencing 'wait_li_config.liquid'

Open up your product template file (usually product-template.liquid, or product.liquid), find the existing Wait.li code that references the file 'wait_li_config.liquid'.
When you find this line, delete it.

2. Remove product form Wait.li code

Next, find your template's product form code. Around this area you should see some Wait.li code that wraps around the entirety of the form. You will want to remove both the top and bottom of this wrapping code.

3. Add new Wait.li code around product form

Next, you are going to add in the updated version of the Wait.li code around the product form.

Copy and paste the following code above the template's product form starting code:

{% comment %} Wait.li Button 1/4 {% endcomment %}{% capture 'wait_li_capture' %}{% render 'wait_li_config' %}{% endcapture %}{%- assign wait_li_capture_results = wait_li_capture | split: '|' -%}{%- assign wait_li_active = wait_li_capture_results[0] | strip -%}{%- assign show_waiting_snippet = wait_li_capture_results[1] | strip -%}{%- assign is_customer = wait_li_capture_results[2] | strip -%}{%- assign customer_status = wait_li_capture_results[3] | strip -%}{% if wait_li_active == 'true' and show_waiting_snippet == 'true' %}{% render 'wait_li_button', is_customer: is_customer, customer_status: customer_status %}{% else %}{% comment %} Wait.li Button 2/4 {% endcomment %}<br>

After entering the top of the form code, copy and paste the following code underneath the end of the product form code:

{% comment %} Wait.li Button 3/4 {% endcomment %}{% endif %}{% comment %} Wait.li End 4/4 {% endcomment %}

Once done, click Save and load your product page to ensure there are no errors or bugs that occur!

Otherwise, you are done the upgrade to Wait.li 3.0! Enjoy the new features :)

If there are any problems you notice, send us an email at help@wait.li and we can sort it out ASAP! Make sure to include your Shopify store URL in the email so we can quickly sort it out for you!

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