Waiting List Limits (Beta)

Wait.li 3.0 introduced the new feature of waiting list limits. This feature is currently in beta phase. Use with caution.

Waiting list limits allow you to set a maximum number of customers that can join a specific product's waiting list. 

For example, you could set a maximum of 500 customers for your t-shirt product.

Once the 500 spots are taken up, all other customers will be 'locked out' and unable to join the waiting list.

This feature is currently experimental - use with caution. Read the below to ensure you understand the caveats.

The major current obstacle with this feature is that the waiting list count number (aka, number of customers that your store knows is on the waiting list) can be delayed by a few minutes.

This is not a problem for stores who may have low volume waiting lists. If your store does not have high volume list registrations (aka, many customers joining the list at the exact same moment), this caveat does not apply to you.

This will be a problem for you, if you have a high amount of waiting list registrations that happen at the same time. For example, if you generally have 400 people signing up for a waiting list in a short period of time, you will encounter issues with this feature.

The issue you would encounter in this scenario would be that some customers may be able to join the waiting list, even beyond the list limit. This happens because of the delay of the list count increasing. If 400 customers join your waiting list within a few minutes; Shopify does not know the immediate new number; it will still think the list count is, for example, 150. Since it will take a few minutes to increase the list count, this means in that few minute time period, you may have customers join the list that go over the specified limit.

I am working on improving this feature, but ensure that you know this caveat before committing to the feature.

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