Customers can't login (wrong password, or redirected to homepage)

If you've activated customers from your waiting list, but they are having trouble logging in, the most common problem is that you don't have customer accounts enabled / set to optional on your Shopify store.

Ensure that you have Shopify customer accounts optional / enabled requires that you have the Shopify Setting of "Customer Accounts" set to Optional (or Enabled).

If you have this option disabled, your customers will be unable to login to their accounts (and they will likely be redirected to the homepage of your site).

You can learn how to enable customer accounts via this Shopify help article:

We advise you to set customer accounts to "optional", rather than "enabled". Optional doesn't force your customers to create accounts; so it continues to be a smooth checkout process for non waiting list customers as usual.

Let us know if this doesn't work, and we can help diagnose the issue otherwise.

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