Referral Waiting Lists

NOTE: Referral waiting lists are still under testing. Feel free to use the feature and play around with it, but we are still ironing out bugs and facets of the feature. Please be patient as I work through any issues.

Referral waiting lists are's newest feature.

This new list type allows your customers to invite their friends to join your waiting list, while boosting their spot on the waiting list based on the number of friends they invite.

The referral / invitation system allows your customers to become brand ambassadors, inviting their social media followers & friends to join your product's waiting list, growing hype and publicity about your product launch with no extra effort needed on your side.

The referral point system is entirely customizable, and bases itself around 3 main settings:

Points Per Referral

This number dictates the number of "points" a customer will receive when they refer a friend to join your waiting list. Think of this as the 'reward' system for customer's that invite their friends to buy your product.

Pick any number here, but you are probably best to leave it relatively low so your customers don't feel like they have a mountain to climb to get to the top of the list.

I'd suggest keeping this number relatively low, a good number would be 10 points.

# of Early Entry Customers

While the "Points Per Referral" field is meant for all customers referring friends to the list, the Early Entry fields allow you to reward the first X customers that join the waiting list. Giving your earliest customers bonus points, allowing them to stay high on the waiting list whether or not they refer friends.

This is a great feature for ensuring that devout customers don't get beat out by referral customers so easily.

I'd suggest picking a number of about 10 - 20% of what you expect your total waiting list customer base to include.

For example, if you expect 1000 customers joining your waiting list, set the # of Early Entry Customers field to 100.

# of Bonus Points For Early Entry

Connecting to the # of Early Entry Customers, this field allows you to specify how many points to reward to the early entry customers. 

I'd suggest setting this number quite high if you want your early entry customers to stay high on the waiting list. Perhaps something around 50 points.

Keep the scale of the points per referral field in mind. If your points per referral number is set to 100 points, but your early entry customers only receive 5 points; your referral customers will immediately jump up to first on the list. 

Suggested Settings

For a typical waiting list setup, I'd suggest the following settings:

Points Per Referral

# of Early Entry Customers

# of Bonus Points for Early Entry

That would mean your first 100 customers will be safe at the top of the waiting list, unless a later customer (say, position #104) invites at least 5 friends to the waiting list. This would reward them 50 points, allowing them to jump up on the list.

Play around with the settings and experiment to find what setup is most ideal for your products and customer base! You can always change these settings at any time, so don't be afraid to flip them around (as long as you don't confuse your customers too much!).

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