Does work with my theme's quick view function?

Some themes these days come with a 'quick view' mechanism, allowing your customers to add items to their carts or view small snippets of information from your collection page.

Right now, does not support these 'quick view' sections sadly - every theme does the quick view differently, meaning that we can't push a single fix to implement this on all themes and stores.

We are currently working on a solution for this - but due to the huge number of themes and quick view functions out there, it is an arduous process and is quite time consuming. As soon as this feature is released we will send out an email to all store owners, informing you of the update.

In the meantime, if you reach out to our support team at we can work with you to put a temporary fix in your place showing a "waiting list" button on your quick view. This button will simply direct your customer to your product page where the full section is displayed as intended.

We appreciate your patience here, thanks so much.

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