Wait.li Uninstallation

Sorry to see you go! If you have any questions or feedback to better improve Wait.li for your business, let me know at help@wait.li and I'll do my best to implement a solution for you.

If you still feel like uninstalling Wait.li, please follow the article below to complete the uninstallation process of Wait.li:

Uninstalling the Wait.li (Product Waiting Lists) app from the Shopify App page DOES NOT DISABLE YOUR WAITING LISTS. If you do this, the Wait.li app has no more control over your store, meaning we can NOT disable your waiting list. This means that your customers may see a waiting list on a product that does not work anymore.

Follow these steps to avoid this, and to properly uninstall and disable all waiting lists:

  1. Open Product Waiting Lists from your Shopify App page.
  2. Click on one of your active product waiting lists (an active list is signified by showing a checkmark on the left hand side)
  3. Once the waiting list loads, scroll to the bottom of the page to see the "Disable waiting list" button.
  4. Click the "Disable" button.
  5. OPTIONAL - Click the "Delete Waiting List" button afterwards. This is not necessary.
  6. Repeat this process for every single active waiting list on your store.
  7. Once all your waiting lists are disabled, go back to the Apps page on your Shopify Admin, and uninstall the Product Waiting Lists app as normal.
That is all! You can now safely uninstall the app with no sour consequences.
If you'd like, you can remove the Wait.li app snippets from your theme by following this guide.

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